Marsh Bio consultation: Impotence

for solution with privacy

Impotence Counseling


1) Updated and complete info about Impotence

2) Selected clinical insights

3) The "HE Awareness Now" program that connects you with professionals anonymously. Get advice with full privacy. 

4)A MS-u-242 therapeutic machine from Marsh is optional but recommended in this program.

5)We will evaluate whether to continue or not after one month.


USD59.9per month

*We reserve right to refund order if order fails to pass internal quality control.

**Regulated by the California HCQA Act

***Paypal is not stable for medical product sales. We use back up accounts from different countries. No Need for Repeated Try if payment fails. Please wait and we will fix it.


Since its inception in 1986, the Marsh Brand offering of bio-medical products has been known for quality and innovation.

During Covid-19, Marsh's diagnosis solution was adopted by United Nations (UNICEF) for global application.






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