Therapeutic machine for penile growth (Candidates enrolling for clinical trial of new machine MS-u-542 in the US, contact us to know more!)

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Through innovation in electric circuit and computing logics, Marsh is able to realize functionalities on MS-u-242 that are comparable to machines in hospital.

The ultrasound therapy has been adopted by the following academics or medical institutions (among others):

1)Smooth energy output (ISO 29821:2018) for safe and effective application.
2)MSFC™: Marsh Smart Frequency Control.
3)Unique wide focus technology that avoids energy hot spot.
4)Portable and flexible.
5)Free shipping from warehouse in US, Europe and Asia.
6)The machine is also used in ED treatment. Get to know about our service in ED: Click to know more.


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Shockwave therapy, a noninvasive treatment that applies extracorporeal shock waves to the penile shaft, can provide mild to moderate improvement in patients with erectile dysfunction of varying etiologies, including vascular, neurogenic, and procedural causes. It can also benefit patients for whom previous medical therapies were not effective. (Strength of Recommendation: A, meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [RCTs] and four RCTs.)

Full paper from American Academy of Family Physicians





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