About us

Since its inception in 1986, the Marsh Brand offering of laboratory products from New York has been known for quality and innovation. The beveled pipette tip, the flat cap microcentrifuge tube, and the gel loading tip were products initially offered by Marsh that have since become industry standards. As can be found on published papers, Marsh products are the ones that have been used in key science studies for decades. We are proud to be part of the history of bio discovery.

Today, Marsh continues to serve our customers from our facilities in US and Asia. Together with our holding company, we have about 1000 employees in the IVD sector.

Our customers include the largest and most prestigious research institutions and biotechnology companies in the world.

Pharmaceutical: Merck, Pfizer, Millenium, Monsanto

Biotech: Amgen, InCyte, Celera Genomics, Genzyme

Nonprofit: NIH, CDC, Scripps Research Institute, Whitehead Institute

Academic: Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins and Stanford

Our innovative consumables, automated equipment and reagents are key tools for drug discovery and genomic research worldwide.